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Post  Addicted to Megadeth on Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:47 am

Because this forum is securited and you can´t see very much of it here´s a little presentation about this board.

What can you find here? A lot of things. Very Happy The Megachicks forum has a lot of categories. The first one is "Rules and Announcements" where you can find not only Rules and Announcements forum but also Introduce Yourself where new mbmers introducing themselves and tell us basic information about them.
The second one is called "Megadeth on All Their Glory". I think it´s useless to explain what you can find there. In few words - pictures, informations, scans, tours and many more.
Than we have "Fans´ Place" where members post their Fan Fics and Fan Art. All of them are really cool! Or they can discuss their progress in playing the instruments.
The last category is "Anything Else". In this category you may find games, chatting threads but also threads that are dedicated to other bands, musicians or famous people.

Hope you´ll find it interesting!

The Megachicks Forum - in general Erqwed10
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