There Are Rules You Need To Follow Here

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There Are Rules You Need To Follow Here Empty There Are Rules You Need To Follow Here

Post  Marcella on Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:59 pm

-Respect: Or otherwise known as the "golden rule" -- Treat others the way you wanna be treated! There is only love (for Megadeth) on this board, so please, keep your shit to yourself! Disrespect is: Bashing, Name-Calling (without saying "JK" at the end), Baiting, Harassing. I repeat: Keep your shit to yourself!! Please tolerate other's opinions, and don't act like a douchebag. That's all we want from you.

-No Pornography: I don't like seeing people nekkid. Do you like seeing people nekkid? I don't care! Keep it off this board! KTHXBAI.

-This board is rated PG-17!: So all-in-all, keep it nice & clean, raunchy discussions aside. We don't care about the language you use, just as long as... well nothing. Language isn't a problem. After all, this is a Megadeth board. You can't expect everything to be sunshine and rainbows. All we're asking, really, is no sexually-themed topics. We don't really care if you say you'd like to do David Ellefson, but we shouldn't have to give you an example of an explicit discussion.

-Don't be a Postwhore: Please? Pretty please? We've all done this before, and won't kill you for postwhoring, but hey, if we're reading about Dave Mustaine we really don't want to read about what your BFF told you last night. That can be taken to personal message or... well anything else. I'm telling you we won't really notice, it's more of just a reminder than a rule.

-Have fun!: And try not to get yourself in trouble! We really honestly won't kill you if you violate these rules (for the most part, anyway), this is all fun & games. There aren't terrible consequences, we could warn you, or ban you, but we won't tar & feather you Wink . The REAL thing that we're asking, is for you to have a ball! So? What are you waiting for? Have a ball, dammit!

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